• 10 Natural Ways To Reduce Anxiety Without Popping A Xanax

    We were hoping all this terrible shit in the world would end after 2016, but so far, 2017 is looking just as fucking depressing. With Trumps executive orders piling up and Corinnes ability to stick around week after week, its hard not to go insane and reach for your bottle of Xanax for some help. But as much as you want to pop a pill every time you get stressed, we found out there are some pretty legit natural ways to reduce your anxiety. Stop leaving voicemails for your doctor and try out some of these natural solutions. I mean, its either that or angrily scrolling through Kellyanne Conway memes for the next four years.

    1. Get Some Exercise

    In the words of Elle Woods, Endorphins make you happy and happy people dont shoot their husbands. Need we say more? Theres legit scientific proof that people who work out regularly are happier and more relaxed than people who sit on their asses all day. I mean, theres a reason you feel so good after a SoulCycle class, no matter how many times you mouthed fuck you to the instructor every time she called you out for not getting out of the saddle. Get sweaty. Youll thank us later.

    2. Take L-theanine Supplements

    Were not particularly into downing supplements, but L-Theanine is a game changer when it comes to chilling the fuck out. I mean, theres a reason the can tolerate cameras following them to meetings with their divorce lawyers. They take a handful of supplements with their morning coffee and it keeps them from going (completely) batshit. L-Theanine is an amino acid thats found in green tea, and its properties promote relaxation, reduce stress, and help you sleep better. Youll swear by them.

    3. Download Meditation Apps

    We used to make fun of people who meditated, but then celebs like Lena Dunham and Jennifer Aniston started preaching mindfulness and we were like, okay lets rethink this. It turns out meditation is SO much more chill than we thought, and doesnt actually involve praying to the Buddha or chanting Om in a dark cave in Thailand. Apps like Headspace and Calm will guide you through short meditations that will calm you down and relax your mind. Think 2017s .

    4. See People You Like

    When life sucks, you dont want to surround yourself with people you hate, and considering we hate most people, its important to specifically hang out with the few people you actually like. That means this isnt the time to make peace with the girl who vomited on your Halloween costume or try to find closure with your ex. Make plans with friends who are down for a good time and are fucking hilarious, and dont feel bad for ditching anything you dont want to attend. You were never planning on going to that birthday dinner anyway.

    5. Write Shit Down

    The idea of keeping a thought diary is one of those things your therapist suggested once and you forgot about it as soon as your session was up. As much as we understand that nothing sounds less betchy than writing down your feelings, writing shit down when youre stressed is actually insanely helpful. If youre feeling overwhelmed, write down the top five things that are bothering you, then throw the list out. It sounds stupid but it can help to get things on paper and realize theyre not as bad as you think once you see them in front of you.

    6. Try Aromatherapy

    Lighting a scented candle or using essential oils in your room can calm you down and balance out your nervous system. Scents like lavender, geranium, and tangerine have been proven to reduce stress, so its time to splurge on that Jo Malone candle youve always wanted for your apartment. Its a game-changer.

    7. Take A Social Media Break

    Were not suggesting you pull a Kim Kardashian on your loyal followers, but putting away social media for a bit really helps get your mind off of anything thats making you anxious. Whether youre signing out for an hour or a day, make the commitment to take social media breaks and focus on other things. Plus, youll be surprised how much faster youll get places if you put your phone away for a sec.

    8. Cut Down On Sugar

    Comfort food is literally the best thing ever, but lets save that for next weekend when youre blackout at a diner at 3am. Studies have shown that fructose actually stimulates areas of the brain that trigger stress and anxiety. Put away the Twix bar and try eating low-sugar diet for a few days. It wont kill you.

    9. Chill On The Caffeine

    If youre reading this while youre in line for your third Venti of the day, you might want to opt for decaf this time around. Cold brew literally runs through our even colder blood, but it turns out when youre anxious, caffeine only makes it worse. Aside from dehydrating you and making you shaky, caffeine has been proven to worsen anxiety. If you need your caffeine fix, order a matcha green tea, which has less caffeine than coffee does and has a ton of health benefits. I mean, theres a reason Gwyneth always has that calm, glowing look. Its the fucking matcha.

    10. Get Some Sleep

    Taking a nap is usually our answer to basically everything, but in this case, science has our backs. Napping isnt only a sick way to avoid your responsibilities and/or everything going on in the real world. It turns out getting more sleep makes you worry less during the day, so you should be clocking in at least eight hours on average. Its simple. Lack of sleep makes your anxiety worse, and getting more sleep makes it better. Lights out.

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