• 10 Ways to Use Fir Needle Oil That You Need to Know!

    Fir Needle Essential Oil

    To get the benefits for fir needle essential oil, you should use it to  reduce pain, prevent infections, improve respiratory function, increase the metabolism, detoxify the body and reduce body odor. It is known for its calming effect. Needles are used in flour and tea. They can be a good firestarter.

    Fir needle essential oil is generated mostly from France, Germany and Bulgaria. Those countries have large forests where to get the needles. Health-conscious Europeans use fir needle essential oils regularly.

    This video talks about the uses of fir needle essential oils.


    After you extract the oil, you can use fir needle essential oil for a variety of applications. It is put in topical ointments and used as additives in other carrier oils that have health properties. The combination of tricyclene, a-pinene, borneol, limonene, acetate and myrcene all combine for these impressive health effects.

    This video shows you how to extract the oil from douglas fir trees on a public farm.

    You will learn how to use fir needle essential oil in a tea for therapeutic effects in this video. The fir needles smell like citrus. It’s high in vitamin C. Adding it with sap and bark provides health benefits for people.

    Many aromatherapists use fir needle oil with other oils, such as lemon or rosemary, because it becomes more powerful when combined with something else. However, you should remember that essential oils do not replace traditional medicine. They are used to complement what a doctor or dentist tells you.