• 11 Totally Unexpected Everyday Uses For Leftover Eggshells

    When you make that delicious three-egg omeletteevery Saturday morning, do you ever think twice about whether or not you should toss the shells away in the garbage?

    I usually don’t, but now I’m definitely going to start saving them up.

    From a health perspective, eggshells are full of great, fortifying minerals, with the main one being calcium. But how do you harness that lovely calcium from the shell, you ask? Well, you’ve got to get a bit creative.

    However, it’s not just the calcium that makes eggshells great; they’re useful all around the house for a myriad of reasons. Much like citrus, which can be used for just about anything, eggshells have great potential if you know what you’re doing!

    These 11 ways to put eggshells to use are totally genius! There is so much more to do with them than simply tossing them into your coffee maker, and I had no clue!

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    1. Make Your Own Chalk


    With just some eggshells, flour, and water, you can have your very own sidewalk chalk in no time. This material is good for hours of endless fun and creativity for old and young alike!

    All you have to do is grind up 10 clean eggshells, then mix with 2 tsps.of flour and a bit of hot water. Shape the paste into a cylinder and just wait for it to dry, then get drawing!

    2. Boost Your Plants


    Plants need calcium to grow big and strong, and eggshells are chock-full of it. Steep the shells in some hot water, then spray the liquid on your house plants or even the flowers in your garden for a welcome nutrition boost.

    3. Sharpen Blender Blades


    According to expertBob Vila, freezing eggshells and tossing them into your blender with a bit of water will help sharpen up dull blades. Then, you can toss that mixture into your garden or compost pile.

    4. Keep Slugs Away


    Crush up your eggshells, sprinkle them around your garden perimeter, and your slug and snail problems will be solved. The little guys won’t want to crawl over the shells, and they’ll turn right around, leaving your beautiful garden unscathed.

    5. Clean Crusty Pots And Pans


    Use crushed eggshells to scrub away burned-on residue from your pots and pans. The edges will do wonders for that hard-to-get grime when combined with some soapy water.

    6. Clean Your Water Bottle Or Thermos


    Rinse out any of your oblong drink containers with hot water. Dump that out, and refill halfway with soapy water and crushed eggshells. Give the container a good shake, and you should be all set!

    7. Get A Youthful Glow


    You can have a DIY face mask if you pulverize eggshells into a fine powder and add egg whites. Rub the concoction onto your face, and leave until dry. When you rinse it off, you’ll be left feeling refreshed from all of the good-for-you minerals in both the shell and the egg white.

    8. Start Seedlings


    If you fill halved eggshells with soil and plant your seeds in them, those plants will get a great start to life with all of the calcium from the shell. When your seedlings are ready to be planted, just put them into your garden, shell and all. Just make sure you crack the shell so the roots can reach into the soil.

    9. Make Toothpaste


    Grind up clean eggshells into a fine powder and add coconut oil until you get a consistency that you like. You can also add safe-to-digest essential oils and baking soda to end up with a toothpaste that whitens and strengthens your teeth in a 100 percent natural way.

    10. Keep Cats Out Of Your Garden


    If you have an outdoor cat using your garden as a litter box and you’d prefer that she didn’t, sprinkle crushed eggshells at the scene of the crime. She won’t want to step on the shells, and she’ll move on to a more discreet area to do her business.

    11. Boost Your Broth


    If you’re looking to add a bit more calcium to your diet, sprinkling eggshells into your soup broth is a great way to do just that.

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