• Essential Oils Can Fight Breast Cancer

    In the past few years, there has been a growing interest in the use of essential oils. People are trying to find alternatives to the synthetic pharmaceutical drugs that are being prescribed. Essential oils have numerous health benefits that have yet to be studied and explored. In ancient cultures, people recognized the true power of essential oils and used them as natural remedies for almost every disease, the inhabitants of ancient Rome, Egypt and Greece used essential oils to promote health and wellness. The results are so effective that about 75 percent of people in the United States opt for essential oil therapy. Some of the most surprising benefits observed by researchers are the cancer-suppression effects of essential oils.


    What are Essential Oils?

    Essential oils are made from ingredients found in nature. Different flowers, seeds, leaves, fruit peels, even tree bark can be a source for essential oils. The method of using the oils for treatment can be either topical (applied directly on the skin/massage) or via scent (aromatherapy) or orally (ingested).
    Be sure to use high quality essential oils, many cheap brands dilute the oils using alcohol or make them impure by using other additives. Essential oils should be treated like medicine and you should consult a practitioner who has proper knowledge and training to advise you.

    Power of Essential Oil Therapy for Breast Cancer


    The most widely used treatment for breast cancer is chemotherapy, it is surprising to think that something as simple and natural as essential oils could have any benefits in the fight against cancer. But recent studies have shown that not only do essential oils help kill breast cancer cells, they are also capable of curing other types of cancers such as, lung, prostate, ovarian, skin, bladder, etc.

    Cancer is caused by imbalances in the body that have grown out of control. These common natural compounds hold within themselves a power to fight these imbalances. Essential oils are created to have different potency levels, the ones used in cancer therapy are the high-strength formulations called, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

    Studies have shown that professional and long-term therapy with essential oils will help treat serious diseases such as cancer. These oils are very strong and contain about 50 percent to 70 percent of the source ingredient and should be used carefully.

    1. Tea Tree Oil

    This oil is extracted from the leaves of the tea tree. The name often confuses people; this plant is different from the one used to produce the common black tea. The medicinal uses of this oil are numerous, most effective for skin issues, such as acne, psoriasis and eczema. It is a natural mild antiseptic that can be used on wounds and minor cuts, it even soothes insect bites. I can also act as a mild, organic deodorant.

    The essential oil extracted from the tea tree oil is a powerful antioxidant, which helps reduce the amount of free radicals coursing through your body. These radicals harm your health and break down the body’s defense systems. To remain healthy, one needs to include foods and supplements rich in antioxidants. A convenient way to boost your antioxidant consumption is to use essential oils, these natural compounds will help you combat those radicals and keep you fit. Tea tree essential oil is a good option if you wish to try essential oils; it has antifungal and antiseptic effects. Tea tree oil works with antioxidants to ward off cancer, and help heal the body.

    2. Oregano Essential Oil

    Oregano has been long used as an ingredient in cooking; its unique nutty flavor has made it a staple in kitchens across the world. This common culinary marvel has a few surprising tricks up its sleeves that researchers are now discovering.

    The medical benefits provided are:

    • Offers protection against common fungal infections when ingested or applied.
    • The sedative and anti-inflammatory properties make it a good anti-allergen
    • The major component, thymol helps boost immunity
    • Oregano is high in calcium, manganese iron and vitamin K, it helps promote bone health
    • Oregano is a good source of heart-healthy fats, such as Omega-3 fatty acids, therefore, it increases the good cholesterol levels and reduces the bad cholesterol
    • Helps optimize digestion by increasing the level of digestive enzymes. This also makes it easier for the body to absorb nutrients.

    The strong chemical compounds that lend the herb its signature nutty taste are also useful in the fight against cancer. Oregano is rich in a substance called, ‘carvacrol’, this makes it an effective anti-inflammatory and antibacterial herb. Carvacrol destroys cancer cells by activating their dying mechanisms. Apart from breast cancer, oregano oil has shown promising results against skin and prostate cancer.

    The oil may actually eliminate prostate cancer cells and can turn out to be a viable alternative to radiation therapy. Conventional therapies are a painful process for the cancer patient; the treatments often come with side effects that are worse than the actual disease in terms of suffering endured.

    3. Bracelet Honey Myrtle Essential Oil


    The essential oil is derived from a plant called, ‘Melaleuca armillaris’ or Honey Bracelet Myrtle. This oil is rare and has a lemony and uplifting aroma. It has a powerful anti-viral effect; its vapors can effectively kill about 99 percent of viruses. It has an amazing effect when mixed with vitamin C oil and vitamin E oil; it actually boosts the anti-oxidizing properties of these vitamins, Honey myrtle is nature’s way of providing us with even stronger versions of vitamins. Honey myrtle can be used to prevent colds, if the cold weather or flu season approaches, increase the use of this oil to remain free from those annoying colds.

    It contains powerful compounds that have an anti-oxidant effect on the body; it kills all the free radicals that cause harm. Free radicals weaken the cells in your body; the only way to combat this is to increase the use of anti-oxidants. The bracelet honey myrtle also has anti-cancer effects; a study showed that it killed breast cancer cells. It is also a strong antiviral agent; a study showed that it killed 99 percent of the viruses during tests.

    4. Frankincense Oil

    Frankincense essential oil is created from the resin obtained from trees belonging to the genus Boswellia; it has a woodsy and warm scent. Considered priceless in ancient times, frankincense was used as a medicine and as incense during rituals. Its healing effects have been known for a long time to natural healers, science has a little catching up do when it comes to exploring these benefits. And recently, medical researchers have begun to explore the benefits that are possible.
    The oil has proved successful in treating issues connected with digestion, the immune system, oral health, breathing problems and mental issues, such as anxiety and stress. The resin extracted from this tree also has the ability to kill cancer cells, specifically the type of cancer cells (MCF-7 and HS-1) that occur in breast tissue. A major advantage that was observed is that it does not harm any healthy cells, just attacks the harmful cancerous growth. Instead,the oil has a vitalizing effect on the body cells that are located near the tumor.

    There are two types of this oil, Boswellia carteri and Boswellia sacra. The type that targets breast cancer cells is the Boswellia sacra, it can be helpful in breast cancer prevention and as a treatment in even advanced stages of the disease. The scientific evidence is finally corroborating the wisdom of the ancients, and frankincense is getting the attention it deserves as one of the most natural and effective healing agents provided to us by Mother Earth.

    5. Rosemary Essential Oil

    A widely used spice which originated in the Mediterranean, the rosemary plant has been used as a fragrance in cosmetics and soaps. Rosemary has a cool, pine-like scent that instantly refreshes the senses. The dried herbs are the form used in cooking, the essential oil is not meant for ingestion. Its medicinal uses include, improving the nervous and circulatory system, relieving muscle pain, improving memory and stimulating hair growth.

    Rosemary has antioxidant and antimicrobial properties; it can stop the free radicals from doing any long-term damage to the body. It can help prevent breast cancer or if already diagnosed, you can use rosemary essential oil to help combat the cancer. Another method of treatment, as shown in this study is to use a combination of rosemary essential oil and curcumin.

    6. Chamomile Essential Oil

    This oil is extracted from the delicate white flowers of the chamomile plant. Breathing in the aroma of this oil will have a pleasant and calming effect on the mind; therefore, it has been long used as a relaxing therapy. Chamomile essential oil has strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. It is also antifungal and antiparasitic. I will also help control muscle spasms, migraines and can be used an ideal remedy for an upset stomach.

    If you need a powerful anti-oxidant, chamomile essential oil is the best option. A study compared 11 commonly used essential oils, sage, winter savory, bitter fennel, sweet, fennel, rosemary, peppermint, lavender, thyme, French tarragon and Roman chamomile. Of all of these, chamomile was found to be the most powerful antioxidant.

    New research has shown that chamomile essential oil killed up to 93 percent of the breast cancer cells (MCF-7) when tested in the laboratory. One of the main chemicals found in this oil, apigenin, it fights breast cancer cells by reducing their lifespan and stopping further spread of the tumors.

    7. Thyme Essential Oil

    Thyme is widely used for aromatherapy. It’s herbaceous and pepper-like smell invigorates the senses. The flowers and leaves of thyme have been used as medicine, thyme treats conditions, such as arthritis, stomach pain, colic, sore throats, flatulence, and it is also an effective diuretic. It has been observed that the women living in the Mediterranean have low prevalence rates of breast cancer. It is highly likely that the cancer-preventing effects of thyme are the major cause of this low rate of cancer.

    Thyme essential oil is a strong antioxidant, antibacterial, and antifungal oil. Ayurvedic and traditional practitioners have considered this oil an essential part of their therapy. If you are someone who follows an organic diet, include thyme in your cooking to reap all the goodness. It makes a great herbal tea, if that is what you prefer.

    This simple herb offers a treasure trove of health benefits. Chinese studies have shown that thyme essential oil can kill up to 97 percent of breast cancer cells. The researchers used a low concentrated amount of oil, about 0.2 percent, even at such low potency levels, the results were significant. This shows how powerful natural compounds are, our bodies cannot handle the onslaught of synthetic chemicals, it is time to embrace organic medicine.

    Embracing the Gifts of Nature the Keeva Organic way!

    Essential oils are a potent cure for many diseases; they are an all-natural option that many people prefer over harsh chemical-based medications. Common conditions, such as acne, fungal infections can be cured by using tea tree oil.

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    Move away from harmful chemicals and embrace the gifts of nature. The key to a healthy lifestyle and wellness is to learn the true value of these wonderful gifts. Choose to live an organic and sustainable lifestyle.

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