• 45 Amazing Uses and Benefits of Rose Essential Oil

    rose oil

    If you think the only use for roses are to show love and appreciation to the important women in your life, then you are wrong. Rose essential oil has many surprising uses and benefits that are sure to help you in more than one way.

    Roses have existed for more than 35 million years. Over the past 5,000 years, roses have been in gardens in all parts of the world. Over time, they have symbolized war, politics, love, and beauty. Today, it would be difficult to visit a garden that does not include some type of rose or to live through a Valentine’s Day that does not include a bouquet of fresh red roses.

    However, rose oil also is used for medicinal and perfume purposes. Due to a labor intensive process, rose oil can come with a hefty price tag. You can extract oil using these three methods:

    ● Steam Distillation
    ● Solvent Extraction
    ● Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction

    In distillation, roses and water and placed into stills and heated. Vaporized water and oil exit the still and are condensed and collected into a flask. About 20 percent of this product is made of a very concentrated and direct oil, which are combined to make the final product.

    For the solvent extraction, flowers are ruffled in a vat with a solvent (a substance that dissolves another). This draws out aromatic compounds, wax and pigments. The solvent is extracted and the substance that is left is then combined with alcohol that dissolves the aromatic components. The alcohol is evaporated, and the leftover is the finished product. The final product may be further processed to remove impurities.

    Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction happens when carbon dioxide is pressurized into a fluid that has the properties of a gas and a solvent. It is combined with the roses to extract the aromatics. This process happens at room temperature, which leaves the extracted oil as true to the original as possible. Also, since carbon dioxide is a gas at normal atmospheric pressure, there are no traces left behind in the final product.

    Because the production of rose oil is an intensive process, it can make rose oil very expensive to buy. However, with the right tools, you can make your very own at home. Check out this video for more information.

    Once the rose oil has been extracted and bottled, it’s time to put it to work.


    Below are 45 different ways that you can use rose oil to promote physical and mental health.

    Smell the Aroma of Rose Oil for Use
    Rose oil is very strong and easily dispersed in water or air. During a massage, rose oil can be mixed with other oils, such as almond oil, to stimulate skin, muscles, organs and nerves. Adding a small amount of rose oil (one or two drops) to a bath will cause the aroma to spread through water and into air. The scent will relax your body.

    How to Use Rose Oil for Lung Treatment
    Rose oil has been used to treat a variety of lung-related issues including: coughs, asthma, congestion and fevers. By placing almost-boiling water in a bowl along with a few drops of rose oil, the oil will heat and disperse in the air. The vapors created by the oil will soothe aching lungs and throat upon inhaling.

    Use Rose Oil for Pain Relief
    Adding rose oil to water when using a compress will help ease the pain. Whether you are using warm or cold water, add four to six drops to the bowl before dipping the cloth into the water. Wring out the excess water and apply to the area as normal to reduce swelling, sprains and cramps.

    Try Rose Oil for Skin Irritation
    Many lotions and creams that you can buy contain rose oil, but you can simply add one or two drops into your own facial cream prior to application. The rose oil will soothe skin irritations and help with the treatment of herpes and eczema.

    The National Eczema association features a number of testimonials about the use of essential oils to soothe skin. Check it out here: http://nationaleczema.org/

    Did You Know Rose Oil Can Improve Depression?
    The scent of a rose is pleasing to almost anyone. Before modern times, people could have eased their depression by surrounding themselves with different types of flowers to take in their scent and beauty. The scent of the oil can invoke positive thoughts, promote relaxation, and create feelings of joy, happiness and hope. A study performed on women demonstrated lower depression and anxiety levels after being treated with rose and lavender oil aromatherapy twice a week for four weeks. A suggestion for those who feel anxious or depressed: put a few drops of rose oil and lavender oil in a diffuser by your bed at night to wake up feeling refreshed and at ease.

    You must remember that rose oil uses will not replace the diagnosis and treatment by a psychiatrist. However, using rose oil will complement the treatment your doctor gives you for depression.

    Slap Rose Oil on Skin for Acne Health
    Rose oil contains microbial and aromatherapy qualities that make it beneficial to add a few drops to your everyday lotions. Using rose oil to fight acne could be beneficial. In 2010, Chinese researchers found that rose oil destroyed acne causing bacteria in only five minutes. Another possible benefit is the increase of permeability of your skin. Essentially, this means that your skin will be more open and will take in more chemicals and nutrients. Obviously, this could potentially be harmful if the proper medicines or substances are not used but could be beneficial if done right.
    Watch the video below to learn how to make an acne fighting facial oil using rosehip oil!

    3 Sexy Ways Rose Oil Can Increase Your Hormone Health
    Research has found that rose oil helps with:

    ● Balancing sex hormones;
    ● Addressing sexual dysfunction; and
    ● Increasing sex drive.

    To make for a more romantic evening, apply a few drops of rose oil on your neck, or use a diffuser in the bedroom for the night.

    Rose Hip Oil Used for Skin Care
    Rose hips are the fruits that contain seeds on a rose plant. The oil that is extracted from these fruits contain two major vitamins: vitamin A and vitamin E. The vitamin A helps to maintain healthy skin, including increasing collagen production. The vitamin E is good for sensitive skin to retain moisture and even protect skin (many sunscreens and anti-aging creams will contain vitamin E).

    Below are 18 more lesser-known and more complex medical applications for using rose oil:

    Fight Fever With Rose Oil
    Rose oil can soothe a fever by reducing inflammation. It also can reduce inflammation from infection, intake of poisonous materials, indigestion and dehydration.

    Act Now to Use Rose Oil as Antiseptic
    Would you rather have the smell of antibiotic medicine on your wound or the smell of roses on them? Applying rose oil directly to a wound will help prevent infection and smell nice too!

    Stop Spasms With Use of Rose Oil
    Rose oil can relieve spasms in the respiratory system, muscular systems, and intestines. Additionally, it can cure convulsions, muscle pulls, cramps and spasmodic cholera which is caused by spasms.

    Use Rose Oil to Eliminate Viruses
    Viruses are constantly mutating and finding ways to overcome the medicine. We put in our bodies to protect ourselves from them. The best way to deal with these problems is to shield your body from them. Rose oil does the trick by preventing these viruses from harming your body.

    Add Rose Oil for an Aphrodisiac
    This aspect of roses is basically self-explanatory. It is generally accepted that roses are a symbol of love and can arouse sexual feelings. The scent from rose oil increases libido, which are necessary for a successful sex life. Other possible benefits include the reduction of symptoms involved with erectile dysfunction, frigidity and disinterest in sexual activities.

    Rose Oil Acts as Astringent
    Astringent, which means the contraction of body tissues (skin), can be demonstrated by the use of rose oil. It can strengthen gums and hair to prevent the loss of teeth and hair. By contracting skin, rose oil can prevent wrinkles and loss of firmness that accompanies aging. If rose oil is used on wounds and cuts, it can prevent the flow of blood by the constricting of blood vessels.

    Beat Bacterial Infections With Rose Oil
    Rose oil kills some bacteria and treats typhoid, diarrhea, cholera and food poisoning. Other internal bacterial infections in the colon, stomach, intestines and urinary tract can be helped with the use of rose oil. External infections, such as those on the skin, ears and eyes, can be treated.

    Rose Oil Uses Includes Boil Removal
    This factor can be very beneficial to those that are highly concerned with their looks. Rose oil contains antioxidant activities that speeds up the healing process of skin. Marks and scars associated with boils, acne, pox, stretch marks, surgery scars and fat cracks from a pregnancy can be treated with rose oil. The rose oil will work to fade away such marks to help your skin to look smooth and undamaged.

    Rose Oil Purifies Blood
    Annoying conditions such as boils, rashes, ulcers, skin diseases as well as more serious issues, like cancer and heart disease can all be helped with the use of rose oil. This happens because rose oil purifies the blood to and removes toxins. With the blood free of toxins, you are less likely to be susceptible to these conditions. Again, you should continue seeing your doctor if you are afflicted with these conditions.

    Increase Menstrual Flow With Rose Oil
    Are you a woman who is trying to conceive but your cycles are irregular? Are you experiencing blocked menstruations? Rose oil can help with those problems. Increasing menstrual flow can be a beneficial property of rose oil. Additionally, it can ease cramps, pain, nausea and fatigue that accompanies menstrual cycles and premenstrual syndrome.

    In a study of 75 women, 25 used rose oil to deal with menstrual cramps, 25 used almond oil, nad 25 did nothing. The group that use rose oil experienced significantly less pain than the other groups.

    Clot Blood With Rose Oil
    Rose oil can benefit those who are experiencing internal or external bleeding due to its ability to stop the flow of blood. This happens because rose oil speeds the clotting and coagulation of blood to stop excessive bleeding.

    Live Better With Rose Oil for your Liver
    Rose oil will keep the liver strong, properly functioning and shielded from infection. It will help with situations of excess bile, acids and ulcers.

    Relax Internal Muscles With Rose Oil Laxative
    What could be better than replacing a boring and manufactured laxative with a natural and wonderful smelling alternative? Rose oil achieves just that. And not only does it smell good, it does not have any side effects. Because of its influence on the intestines and bowels, it can assist with weight loss and the eliminating of toxins.

    Rose Oil Strengthens Nerves
    Rose oil can serve as a relief for nerves. It can give them the strength to handle shock and the protection from injuries that can come from age and various injuries. If you are nervous about something, you can use rose oil to calm your shaky hands and relieve the accompanied anxiety.

    Rose Oil Aids in Digestion
    A stomachic relates to the stomach in assisting with digestion or other digestive functions. Like many other uses mentioned, rose oil can relieve the stomach from inflammation or protect it from possible infections. Stomach ulcers are a very common infection that millions of people experience each year due to the acid contained in the stomach. Rose oil can control the production of acid to help reduce the chances of getting a stomach ulcer. In addition to protecting from ulcers, rose oil can help prevent heartburn, indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, impacted bowels, excess gas and bloating.

    Can You Use Rose Oil as Cholagogue? Yes!
    Cholagogue is an agent that pushes bile from the system and regulates acid levels in the stomach. Rose oil can work as a cholagogue to prevent the buildup of acid and the possibility of being harmed by it. The bile works with your digestion system to break down food. Therefore, it can help prevent problems relating to constipation and diarrhea.

    Use Rose Oil as Uterine
    Similar to helping females with irregular menstrual symptoms, rose oil can help with other feminine problems including uterine discharge, tumors and bleeding. It has the ability to purify the uterus and keep it functioning properly. Because of the ability to help with issues that can arise with menstrual cycles, it can assist with issues regarding mood swings and overeating.

    How Do I Use Rose Oil?

    With all of these uses and benefits, you may be asking how to use the oil to help with these issues. Below are some suggested ways to use rose oil with accompanied symptoms:

    Place the rose oil in a diffuser, carry in a pendant around your neck, or place a few drops in your palms and inhale with your hands near your nose.

    Apply the rose oil to your skin and massage it in over your heart, solar plexus (upper abdomen), or reflex points on your feet.

    Calming, Loneliness, and Meditation
    Try filling a small spray bottle with water and several drops of rose oil. Spray the solution on clothes, beds or other fabrics.

    Apply a few drops of rose oil over your heart and massage it gently into your skin. Do this once a day.

    Digestive Support
    Mix one drop of rose oil with several drops of carrier oil and apply to over the abdomen. Massage the mixture into the skin in a clockwise rotation.

    Hair Health
    Mix a few drops of rose oil into your normal bottle of shampoo and wash as usual.

    Apply the rose oil to the skin where you feel the tension. Gently massage the oil into your skin to soothe the pain.

    After seeking appropriate medical attention, rose oil may help with such issues. Apply diluted rose oil to your reflex points on your feet and/or hands. Massage gently into the skin.

    Apply diluted rose oil or on around the affected area.

    Menstrual Support
    Apply rose oil and massage gently over the lower abdomen, back of the neck, and into relex points on your feet and hands.

    Nervous System Support or Stress
    Use rose oil in a diffuser, apply to your hands and cup them to your nose and inhale, or apply to and massage over reflex points on your feet.

    Poison Ivy and Poison Oak
    Prepare a mixture of one drop rose oil, one drop lavender oil, and one or two tablespoons of carrier oil. Apply the mixture to the affected area. Peppermint may be added to help with any itching and burning.

    Postpartum Depression
    Studies have shown that aromatherapy using rose oil has positive effects on preventing and helping with symptoms of postpartum depression. Use rose oil in a diffuser or applying a small amount over your heart. If you choose to massage the oil over your heart, try cupping your hands afterward over your nose to inhale the scent.

    Mix one drop of rose oil with one or two tablespoons of carrier oil and apply the mixture to the affected areas.

    Apply a small amount of rose oil to the affected area one or two times a day.

    Rose oil may help with those who experience seizures. Try applying rose oil to the back of your head and neck.

    Dry Skin
    Mix one drop of rose oil with two drops of pure coconut oil. Apply one drop of this mixture to the area each day.

    Dilute one drop of rose oil with one tablespoon of pure coconut oil and apply topically to the affected areas.

    Use one drop of rose oil over the affected area or apply to reflex areas of your feet.

    Mix one drop of rose oil with one or two teaspoons of pure coconut oil. Apply one or two drops of this mixture to your skin each night before bed.

    Interesting Facts about Rose Oil
    • It takes about 10,000 roses to create a single 5ML bottle of rose oil, or about 833 dozen roses.
    • Rose oil is sometimes known as the “queen of the essential oils.”
    • Cleopatra was reported to be known for using rose oil for her skin and for using roses as a tool of seduction for Marc Antony.
    • Roses can be found in almost every country in the world as they adapt easily to different environments, making them a rather universal flower.

    In summary, rose oil can help your body in many areas to promote health and protection from diseases and infections. It will leave your skin looking young and healthy while the scent will promote happiness and sexual intimacy. Although there are many benefits to using rose oil, there are a few precautionary things to mention. Because the oil is very highly concentrated, it could be easy to use too much. For example, rose oil has the ability to provide relief from headaches, but if too much is used, it could have the opposite effect. The overwhelming scent of using too much rose oil could increase the pain associated with headaches. Additionally, because rose oil increases or stimulates menstrual flow, it is advised to be avoided during pregnancy.

    Where to Buy
    Most rose oil is rather pricier side of essential oils. You can buy rose oil online, such as on Amazon, or at most natural food/product stores. You could also buy it from Young Living or Mountain Rose Herbs. No matter where you are getting your rose oil, make sure that you are getting the true product.