• 7 Things You Can Put Around Your Apartment To Boost Your Mood In The Winter

    Now that summer is over and our days are getting shorter, we might start to feel a little SAD.

    Meaning, were more likely to come down withseasonal affective disorder, a mood disorder characterized by depression that develops when the seasons change. It starts and ends about the same time every year.

    With less sunshine and more holiday-related stress, people tend to start feeling blue. And when they do, some of them might start thinking about taking vitamins, supplements and other products to boost their moods.

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    But sometimes, the fix needs to happen on the outside and within your environment.

    Here are some options that dont involve medicine, tea or anything you haveto ingest. You can help ease your anxiety, stress or depression just by placing these objects at home or at work.

    1. Fresh Lavender

    When it comes to stress, lavender has mystical powers.

    When I say mystical, I mean its known to help with insomnia, emotionalstress and physical pain.

    Even if you dont have access to fresh lavender, you can find it in soaps, oils, teas and lotions.

    You can use lavender essential oil like Body Wonders Therapeutic Grade oil by rubbing some on your palms and inhaling. You can also rub some on your inner wrists or temples.

    To help you sleep better at night, you can also rub some on your pillow.

    2. Himalayan Rock Salt Lamps

    Aside from giving off a relaxing, warm glow, Himalayan rock salt lamps can cleanse the air in your space.

    Heres how: These salt lamps attract water molecules in the airand then trap the pollen, dirt, smoke particles and dust carried in the vapor. After these particles are trapped in the salt, clean water is released to purify the air.

    Cleaner air in your home can make you feel less tired and drowsy.

    These lamps are also thought to help increase serotonin (the happy hormone) levels in your body, but more research needs to be done on that claim.

    And a cool thing about this brand of Himalayan rock salt lampsis, eachone looks totally different.

    3. Essential Oil Diffusers

    Essential oil diffusers come in many different forms, but this one can provide your space with a relaxing aroma and glow as well as act as a humidifier. No one likes dry, stuffy and bad-smelling air.

    Diffusing essential oils with products like this portable one is known to help with stress, sleep and energy levels.

    Popular scents include lavender (obviously), lemongrass, peppermint and rosemary.

    4. Candles

    Candles are an easy addition to any room. Personally, candles are a go-to when it comes to making my bedroom a calming and relaxing space.

    Specific scents that are known to soothe stress aside from lavender are vanilla, chamomile and sandalwood. Of course, some candles are harsh to the nose, but candles made for aromatherapy like these ones should do the trick.

    Candlelight can also promote a calming effect, as its associated with relaxation, spirituality and warmth.

    Obviously, you have to be more careful with candlesbecause of, you know, open flames. But trust me, its worth it.

    5. A Comfort Object

    Obviously, were not always at home, so its good to have objects to calm you down on the go, like a comfort object.

    This can be anything small enough to fit in your pocket, purse or backpack. It can be a stress ball, a rock or a small, stuffed toy.

    Whenever you feel stressed, anxious or depressed, you should interact with this object by touching it or looking at it.

    The idea is that youre focusing your mind on something other than your negative feelings, therefore decreasing your anxiety.

    6. Houseplants

    If youre not into using an essential oil diffuser or rock salt lamp to perk up your living space, specific types of houseplants can also serve the same purpose.

    For example, aloe vera is extremely efficient when it comes to purifying air.Even NASA listed it as one of the top air-improving plants.

    At night, it emits oxygen, which can help improve the quality of your sleep. Plus, its handy to have in your home since it can be used as a topical treatment for small burns, cuts, dry skin and bug bites.

    It doesnt need a ton of care or frequent watering, but it needs to sit by a window to get as much sunlight as possible.

    Another lovely plant that will cheer up any living space is the peace lily. It purifies theair by filtering out harmful toxins like benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene.

    This plant is also like a natural humidifier with the ability to boost a rooms humidity by up to 5 percent. Like aloe vera, it doesnt need that much care. The peace lily needs watering once a week and should sit in a shady spot.

    7. A Microwavable Corn Bag

    One of my best friends had a corn bag in college, which she called a corn sack.

    Whenever Id borrow it, Id feel very calm holding it on my lap while working or just hanging out and talking.

    The corn bag works like a heating pad or hot water bottle, but its much easier to use.

    You can place it around your shoulders or lower back to relief as well.

    Getting one like this to pop in your microwave wont break the bank either, which is just one less thing to stress about.

    Beating seasonal affective disorder and the winter blues will be a lot easier once you alter your environment.These are just a few ways to make your space more comfortable, welcoming and pure.

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