• Burn A Bay Leaf At Home And See What Happens In Just 10 Minutes

    If you have ever been in a room where the effects of the humble bay leaf are taking place, then you know what a calming experience it can be.

    The effects of the humble bay leaf can be very powerful, yet delivered in a very subtle manner.

    They are often found in Mediterranean cuisine, but they have other uses besides culinary. Greeks and Romans recognized the bay leaf for its healing properties.

    They have a calming effect and work as an anti-inflammatory agent which can even prevent epileptic fits! Essential oils, like Eucalyptol, free up your respiratory passages and can help you in relaxation.

    Other benefits include: reducing insomnia, stress, and cholesterol, while also regulating blood sugar and blood pressure!

    Now of course, the bay leaf is delicious as well! You want to take the leaves out of your dish though before you eat, as you dont want to actually consume these.

    All it takes is about 10 minutes for the calming effects to kick in! Just burn a few of the leaves in a room at your home and you can experience the wonderful relaxing effects.

    The key is to burn them in a container which is safe, and make sure nothing flammable is around. The best are leaves that are totally dry as they will burn the easiest.

    The scent will indeed fill the room and thats when the major relaxation and stress-free environment will be created!

    Share this wonderful relaxation remedy with friends and family!

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