• 10 Health and Beauty Uses Of Frankincense Essential Oil

    Essential oils are nature’s miracle elixirs. The traditional herbalist and apothecaries used these oils to cure all kinds of diseases. Some cultures even included these oils in their religious rituals.

    Essential oils are made from the stems, roots, leaves or flowers of plants and have countless health benefits.

    Here we explore the benefits and uses of Frankincense essential oil. This oil is made from the resin of a tree called “Boswellia carterii” or “Boswellia sacara”. The uniqueness of this tree is that it can grow in dry arid climates and still produce an oil which is beneficial in multiple ways.

    The name Frankincense has its origins in French and means “quality incense”. Frankincense also has a close connection with the Christian religious traditions. It was a highly priced oil during the beginnings of the Christian era. It was also thought to be spiritually significant and was given to Jesus as a gift from the three wise men. Frankincense has been closely associated with feelings of worthiness and security.

    Frankincense has an overall calming and relaxing effect on the body. It not only improves your skin, but also helps build a healthy immune system. It has a sweet and uplifting aroma.

    Important Safety Precautions

    Before we move on to talk about the benefits of this unique oil, let’s discuss some of the precautions you should take when using it.

    •          If you want to stay away from harm and unexpected side effects, make sure you use therapeutic grade essential oils.
    •          Dilute the oil whenever you apply it to your skin. Though any vegetable oil can work as a carrier oil, the ones preferred for skin care are: olive oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and grapeseed oil.
    •          Always do a patch test before applying any essential oils over your skin.
    •          Avoid using essential oils on young children or infants.
    •          Pregnant women or nursing women should consult their doctor before using any essential oil remedy.

    Frankincense Essential Oil Benefits and Uses10408841746_e4cc3d98d5_b

    In this section, our objective is to describe the health and beauty benefits of frankincense essential oil and list some useful tips and tricks so you can use the oil effectively. There are a few handy skincare recipes which you can use included in this guide as well.

    1.    Helps Reduce Stress

    Frankincense has an anti-anxiety effect on the body when inhaled. It lowers your blood pressure and slows down the heart rate. It also helps minimize feelings of depression. Medications used to treat depression often have a lot of harmful side-effects, which is why most people stop taking them. Natural therapies are best if you want to avoid nasty side-effects. Start using Frankincense oil today and you will not report drowsiness or any other negative side-effect. It works wonders for anxiety and panic attacks as well.

    1.    Helps Boost Immune System

    Some medical studies show that Frankincense has the ability to boost our immunity. Its powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties kill off any harmful germs, viruses and fungi. It has even shown promise when it comes to combating certain types of cancer. Frankincense will stop germs from invading your body and keep you healthy in an overall sense.

    1.    Helps to Fight Off Cancer Cells

    The effects of Frankincense oil against cancer have been studied by scientists. It has shown promise when it comes to fighting some types of cancers. A study found that a naturally-occurring compound in Frankincense essential oil, AKBA, kills off cancer cells. Some of these cells were even resistant to chemotherapy. So if you want to keep cancer at bay even after chemo, start using this oil.

    1.    Kills Harmful Bacteria and Germs

    If you are looking for natural and powerful antiseptics, then Frankincense oil is one of the better options. Frankincense is powerful enough to be used as a disinfectant around the house but also gentle enough to be used on the skin. Synthetic cleansing agents are full of chemicals which not only harm your body but also the environment. Use Frankincense oil to naturally kill bacteria and germs and keep your home safe from any harsh chemicals.

    1.    Prevents Signs of Aging and Heals SkinOlive_oil_from_Oneglia

    Your skin loses the ability to repair itself as you age. The natural healing power of the skin is at its peak in youthful years but as time goes by, skin appears to sag. The texture also appears to roughen and the tone becomes uneven.  Frankincense can help manage all these issues. Frequent use of Frankincense oil will heal the skin, lift it up and smooth out wrinkles.

    It can also slow down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The oil can be used on any part of the body. You can apply it to your neck if you have sagging skin or place a cloth dipped into the oil on your eyes to get rid of circles. Mix 6 drops of frankincense oil with 1 ounce of any unscented oil/ lotion and apply it to the skin.

    1.    Balances Hormone Levels

    Hormonal imbalances are common problems for today’s woman, menopausal women often have issues with estrogen levels. Frankincense oil can help re-balance hormones and regulate estrogen production. Balanced estrogen levels will in return lower the chances of developing cysts and tumors.

    1.    An Excellent Digestive Aid

    Frankincense helps the body’s digestive system to detox properly. It relieves any cramping or pain caused by indigestion. It helps flush out any extra buildup of fluid, and reduces bloating.  Frankincense will also relieve any PMS-related stomach pain.

    The main effect of the oil on the digestive system is that it speeds up the secretion of beneficial digestive enzymes and relaxes the muscles of the digestive tract. Another helpful effect is the improvement of blood flow to the digestive system. The combined effect makes Frankincense oil beneficial for managing diseases such as IBS, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, chronic colitis, and leaky gut syndrome. A table spoon of honey, mixed with 1-2 drops of Frankincense oil is beneficial and can help relief GI discomfort. If you don’t want to use honey, mix the oil with 8 ounces of water.

    1.    Promotes Sleep

    The relaxation benefits of Frankincense are numerous. It can be useful if you want to get a good night’s sleep.  The calming and grounding aroma will help you fall into deep sleep. The aroma helps open up the nasal passages allowing you to breathe deeply and relax. During stressful times, your heart rate increases, using Frankincense oil will relax you and help you achieve the ideal body temperature for restful sleep.MyrrhEssentialOil

    1.    Helps Heal Scars and Wounds

    Frankincense essential oil helps heal scars left by acne or wounds. With continuous use, any scars will fade away as the skin around them heals. It also strengthens the skin, making it less likely to scar in the first place. The healing effects will also reduce the appearance of dark spots and blemishes. The effects are so powerful that it helps fade stretch marks as well. To apply, mix 2-3 drops of the oil with any scent-free body lotion. Be careful to not apply to broken skin; make sure the skin has started to heal before treating it with Frankincense essential oil.

    1.   Natural Cure for Flu/Colds

    Frankincense oil can help with cold and flu-like symptoms. The two most common symptoms of cold are sore throat and blocked nasal passages. Frankincense essential oil is effective against both. Because of its anti-inflammatory effects, Frankincense will clear up the nasal blockage and eliminate phlegm. If you suffer from asthma or seasonal allergies, you can use this oil to help you manage your condition.

    Frankincense and Shea Body ButterSheabutterloccitane

    This is a rich moisturizing body butter which you can create at home. It is chock-full of nourishing ingredients. Pamper yourself and your skin with vitamin E, coconut oil, shea butter and Frankincense oil. It is pretty easy to prepare and takes about 5 minutes. The end product is quite thick, so a little goes a long way. If you can’t use up the entire batch yourself, it makes an excellent gift for fellow DIY enthusiasts. If you use the amounts indicated here, you will end up with an 8-ounce batch of this amazing body butter.


    1.    Shea Butter — 3/4 cups
    2.    Coconut Oil — 1/4 cups
    3.    Vitamin E Oil — 1 teaspoon
    4.    Frankincense Essential Oil — 10 drops


    1.    Combine the coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E oil in a bowl. You can use your hand blender or a stand blender to blend the mixture.
    2.    Scrape down any product which accumulates on the sides.
    3.    Whip the mixture until it becomes soft and fluffy. You can tell you are on the right track if it doubles in volume and forms stiff peaks.
    4.    Add in the Frankincense essential oil and whip for another few seconds to mix in the oil.
    5.    Use it instead of your regular body moisturizer to get smooth and nourished skin.

    Luxurious Exfoliation Body Scrub2445836866_082ef8eb07_z

    Your skincare routine is incomplete without scrubbing. Exfoliation helps remove the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Any dry flakiness will also be smoothed away by the gritty texture of the scrub. You will be left with soft and glowing skin.

    Some people also use skin brushing as an exfoliation method, it definitely works but is quite harsh compared to the pampering effects of home-made scrubs. So opt for the best option and try out this luxurious DIY essential oil scrub to give your skin a healthy glow.


    1.    A glass jar (a mason jar will work)
    2.    Raw Olive Oil — 1/2 cup
    3.    Sea Salt — 1 cup
    4.    Frankincense Essential Oil — 5 drops
    5.    Lavender Essential Oil — 5 drops
    6.    Ylang Ylang Essential Oil — 5 drops


    1.    Combine olive oil and salt in a large glass or ceramic bowl. Mix well using a metal spoon.
    2.    Add in all the essential oils slowly and continue mixing.
    3.    Scoop out the mixture and put it in the glass jar.
    4.    Store the jar in a cool and dark place. Use a dark colored jar if you have one.
    5.    Scoop out a small dollop and apply to your body once or twice a week to get baby smooth skin.

    There are two primary ways of using Frankincense essential oil, you can either ingest it or apply it over the skin for absorption. If you are applying the oil on your skin, make sure you dilute it. The right method to dilute essential oils is to use a carrier oil such as olive oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil or jojoba oil. Though you can use any of these carrier oils, Frankincense blends really well with jojoba oil so use that if it is easily available. You can even use an unscented lotion as a carrier if you don’t like the stickiness of oil.

    Frankincense oil affects the limbic system of the body. Because of this, the entire body can benefit from the therapeutic effects of this oil. If you choose to ingest this oil, make sure you follow the recipes very closely. Measure out everything twice because Frankincense oil, like all other essential oils, is very dangerous if ingested in large amounts. It produces toxic effects on your digestive system if an unsafe amount is taken.

    When you purchase your essential oils, look for labels that say “therapeutic grade” or “pharmaceutical grade” as these are the best ones when it comes to benefits. These are high-quality oils pure enough to be used as treatments and ingested. Avoid any of the oils labeled “perfume oil” or “fragrance oil”, because these are synthetic versions which don’t have any health benefits and might even end up harming you.

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