• He Hides His Face From The Cameras. But Once He Looks Up, I Cant Stop Laughing

    If you are fed up with all the millennial behavior out there, then this is the song for you.

    We live in a completely different time than just a few years back and it continues to morph as soon cell phones could be transformed into glasses we wear and then who knows, perhaps chips we somehow embed in our bodies! But for now we have the generation that has grown up with all the leisure and luxury of instant technology at their fingertips. They discover an inspirational quote, post it online with a selfie of themselves, and suddenly they are some enlightened spiritual guru as they relish in all the likes they receive for their efforts at quoting someone else and pushing a button on their phone!

    Oh well, at least we have Micah Tyler to give us some comic relief through music. This guy has the right to do it as well as hes an extremely hard worker who performs 150-200 shows a year across the U.S., everywhere from churches to concert venues. Hes earned the honor of being named the National Male Vocalist of the Year by the Gospel Music Association at the Immerse Conference.

    A hard working singer and songwriter, Micah delivers this well-versed knock at all those millennials out there who know little about life, and too much about essential oils!

    Share this great song with all of your friends and family, and especially all those millennials you know!

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