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    Essential Oils for Healing

    • 30 Ways to Use Tea Tree Oil for Health BenefitsTea Tree Essential Oil

      With toxic chemicals found in most household and medicinal products, many people are looking for all-natural and effective products to treat acne, eczema, fungal infections, oral health problems, MRSA, head lice and skin rashes. They have turned to tea tree oil, an Essential Oil imported from Australia.

      More than 300 scientific studies have been performed on tea tree oil …

    • How to Use Peppermint Oil for Stomach Cramps, Indigestion, Muscle Pain and Cold Symptoms; Uses and BenefitsPeppermint Essential Oil

      Have you ever read a label and wonder why you are ingesting those unpronounceable words? Have you thought that maybe the chemicals we consume are slowly killing us? You are not alone. Many people are detoxing by removing the chemicals from their diets and cleaning agents. They are turning to all-natural and effective products to treat irritable bowel syndrome, stomach aches, muscle pain and indigestion, among other things. One of these natural options is peppermint oil, an essential oil grown in North America.

      According to the National …

    • Top Uses and Benefits of Fennel Oil – Organic Fennel Essential Oils

      Fennel Essential Oil

      What is Fennel Oil?


      How Can I Use Fennel Oil?

      Fennel Oil Benefits


      Many Healing Benefits of Fennel Juice (Stress, Anxiety) & Fennel Essential Oil

      Fennel Essential Oil for Aromatherapy

    • 45 Amazing Uses and Benefits of Rose Essential Oilrose oil

      If you think the only use for roses are to show love and appreciation to the important women in your life, then you are wrong. Rose essential oil has many surprising uses and benefits that are sure to help you in more than one way.

      Roses have existed for more than 35 million years. Over the past 5,000 years, roses have been in gardens in all parts of the world. Over time, they have symbolized war, politics, love, and beauty. Today, it would be difficult to visit a garden that does …

    • 14 Little Known Health Benefits for Oregano OilOregano Essential Oil

      One whiff of the unmistakable aroma and many people don’t even think that oregano is anything other than an herb. They simply don’t know the secret health benefits that many herbs possess. At first glance, oregano appears to simply be a lovely green plant, layered in small, broad leaves. We frequently use it to season our food to give it that distinctive Italian flavor. Oregano is commonly found in our pasta and other sauces, some meat rubs and marinades, salad dressings, breads, and a number of other …

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