• Healthy Cooking using Essential Oils

    Essential oil cooking recipes bring a concentrated flavor like none you’ve experienced before now. The end result is the most delicious savory dinner or delectable treat. Every week, we put the essential oils to the test in amazing cooking and baking recipes and share our favorite essential oil cooking recipes here on Recipes with Essential Oils.

    Using organic essential oils internally for cooking i.e. digesting them, is a very controversial idea for many people. It is the UK Aromatherapy policy to NOT use essential oils internally under any circumstances. For this reason if in doubt always consult a professional practitioner for advice. And be aware that some essential oils are extremely strong, potent and dangerous and to be used with great caution internally and of course externally too.

    We strongly advise you use the guidance in The Essential Oil Cookbook by Menkit Prince, available from NHR Organic Oils to familiarize yourself with any cautions and knowledge about safe and unsafe essential oils in cooking.

    There are many ways to use organic essential oils. Most people are familiar with using essential oils on the skin through massage or steam inhalations or in the bath, which is the main use for our organic essential oils. Recently we have also been exploring the new area of cooking with organic essential oils, a new and largely undiscovered way of creating vital, fresh-flavoured dishes with the ability to create food for health or simply delicious tasting food or even both depending on your need or interest.

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