• Here’s How To Boost Your Energy When You Feel Like Skipping Your Workout

    Summer is upon us, and since we can’t hide behind our sweaters anymore, we’re getting more and more motivated to hit the gym.

    It’s great that you havethe motivation to exercisemore often, but what do you do when you’re lacking the energy to work out? Do you succumb to your fatigue, turn on Netflix and skip the gym to chill? Or, do you find creative ways to boost your energy and power through?

    You’re probably aware of all the common ways to increase your energy. These methods include taking a cold shower, drinking a green juice, getting fresh air, drinking a Red Bull or getting someone to slap you in the face. (I’m sort of kidding with that last one.)

    But, it’s possible you need some new ideas if you’re stuck in a rut and realize those same old tricks just aren’t working anymore.

    Here are five unusual, yet very effective ways to boost your energy so you can work out:

    1. Smoke a joint

    Several people will attest to the factsmoking weed improves your workout. It really keeps you in the zone, boosts your energy and even raises your metabolism.

    It’s also known to improve your mood, so you’re more likely to want to work out after smoking it.

    Not all types of weed make you sleepy. There are plenty of varieties of marijuana that give you a boost of energy, which is why smoking before a gym session is becoming more and more popular. There are even weed-friendly gymsslated to open that will sell their own edibles designed to enhance your workout.

    Many people consider weed a performance-enhancing drug. Hey, don’t knock it until you try it.

    2. Use essential oils.

    The scent of invigorating essential oils can give you a powerful boost of energy. Revitalizing and uplifting scents such as rosemary and peppermint can be found inSaje’s Energy Remedy, for example. It comes in a rollerball you can apply to your skin and deeply inhale. It also comes in a spray for a mist effect, so you can breathe in the scent and its energy.

    The amazing side effects stimulating scents can have on your mind and body are sure to get you in the mood for the gym.

    3. Float.

    Floatation therapy is when you lie in a sensory deprivation tank full of Epsom salts that allow you to effortlessly float for 60 minutes in complete isolation. You may have heard that taking a cat nap can increase your energy, but this is much better than a cat nap. Floating for an hour allows you to clear your head, re-energize your body and mind and destress. It’s the perfect pre-workout activity.

    Other benefits of floating that relate to exercise involve the benefits of Epsom salts. Epsom salts are a magnesium and sulphate, amuscle relaxant and a protein builder for your joints. This allows you to be less tense and recover from possible injury faster.

    4. Eat kiwis.

    Kiwishave a high amount of potassium, and they’re also packed with Vitamin C and fiber. The kiwi’s natural sugars will give you a rush of energy and keep your hunger satisfied while you’re on the go. A handful of nuts with some cut-up kiwi is the perfect snack to eat right before the gym.

    5. Chew gum.

    Have you ever noticed you feel more awake when you chew a strong mint gum? Chewing any mint-flavored gum can to increase blood flow to the brain and boost your heart rate.

    A study conducted at the University of Rhode Island found subjects who chewed gum for 20 minutes three times each morning felt more energetic and ate 67 fewer calories at lunch than subjects who didn’t chew gum. I always chew gum while I work out, too. It actually helps distract me from how tired I am, and the punch of mint is a great wake-up call.

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