• Angelica Oil

    Angelica Oil

    This essential oil comes from angelica or “Angel Grass,” which is the component for the famous Benedictine liquor that was used to combat the Black Plague. Angelica oil is widely used for skin problems like psoriasis, gout, dull skin and irritation. Its fresh, herbaceous, woody and peppery scent helps fight exhaustion and boost the lymphatic system. Angelica oil is also used for stomach problems like flatulence, indigestion and discomfort. Its other health benefits include:

    • Stimulating blood circulation and secretion of enzymes;
    • Protecting the liver from infections;
    • Regularizing the menstrual cycle;
    • Strengthening the immune system;
    • Treating nervous disorders;
    • Lowering high blood pressure; and,
    • Providing relief from cough, asthma, nausea and bronchitis.

    Pro tips: Use angelica oil in vapor therapy to help clear the lungs and relieve different respiratory problems.