• Arnica Oil

    Arnica Oil

    Arnica is an alpine herb with a long history of use in the folk medicine of Russia and the Swiss Alps.

    Arnica oil is known as massage oil, a healing salve and an effective first aid remedy for sport related injuries like:

    • Muscle aches;
    • Sprains, spasms;
    • Pulled or injured muscles;
    • Joint pain;
    • Bruises;
    • Rheumatic pain; and,
    • Swelling due to fracture. It also has a lot of skin and hair benefits like:
    • Nourishing the skin;
    • Treating skin irritation and skin diseases like eczema;
    • Promoting hair growth;
    • Getting rid of dandruff, treating premature hair graying, split ends and hair breakage;
    • Treating stretch marks.

    Using arnica oil as a massage helps relax tired and overworked muscles. It can also helps reduce skin inflammation. Surgeons nowadays advise patients to rub arnica oil into the area near their wound to reduce post-surgical bruising. Rubbing arnica oil on a black eye or a bruise is also effective in lightening and improving its appearance.

    Pro tips: Add a few drops of arnica oil with water and use it as a gargle. Washing your mouth with diluted arnica oil will help reduce the pain caused by wisdom tooth extraction, prevent oral infection and improve your overall oral health.