• Atlas Oil

    Atlas Oil

    In aromatherapy, atlas oil is used for achieving strength, positivity and stability. Atlas cedarwood oil is derived from red cedar from North America — the same tree that has been widely used in making pencils — which has a rich, woody and earthy aroma. The warm and rich scent of atlas oil is widely used in men’s perfume as well as in soaps and insect repellents.

    Atlas oil helps:

    • Provide adrenal support to menopausal women;
    • Decrease cellulite;
    • Relieve arthritic pain;
    • Balance bodily fluids;
    • Aid water retention;
    • Ease discomfort of nasal congestion, cough and colds; and,
    • Treat urinary tract infection and prostate issues.

    Its emotional benefits include relieving stress, calming the mind and relaxing tensed nerves and muscles.

    Pro tips: Use atlas oil to treat seborrhea by diluting it and massaging it into the area of concern. It can also be used to control excessive skin peeling and to treat dry skin.