• Balsam Oil

    Balsam Oil

    Balsam Fir ( Idaho) (Abies balsamea) is a conifer oil distilled in northern Idaho that has a refreshing and uplifting scent.


    Balsam oil is one of the essential oils that is used to treat a number of skin problems like eczema, scabies, chapped skin, cuts, bruises, dry skin and rashes. However, balsam oil must be diluted first before being applied to the skin to prevent any irritation especially to those with sensitive skin types.

    Balsam oil is popularly used in dentistry as a treatment for dry socket, oral wounds and ulcers. Respiratory problems such as cough, colds, bronchitis and congestion can also be treated with balsam oil; it is even used as a component in cough syrups.



    This essential oil is used as an antiseptic, antioxidant and diuretic. Other health benefits of this balsam essential oil include:

    • Improving the hair and scalp by getting rid of dandruff and dry scalp;
    • Preventing the development of chronic diseases;
    • Improving the heart’s condition by lowering blood pressure;
    • Relieving mental fatigue; and,
    • Increasing urination, thereby healing kidney problems.

    Pro tips: Add 2-3 drops of balsam oil to 100ml of a carrier oil like olive oil, coconut oil, or jojoba oil, and massage it on your tired muscles to relieve tension, cramps and soreness.