• Bay Laurel Oil

    Bay Laurel Oil 

    Bay laurel essential oil has been used to support healthy respiratory system. Calms and grounds.

    Bay laurel oil is also known as laurel bay oil, sweet bay oil and noble laurel oil. This essential oil has been widely used since the time of the Greek Hippocrates up to the medieval times for its medicinal benefits like treating stomach problems, renal diseases and colic. Today, this essential oil is utilized for treating:

    • Colds;
    • Flu;
    • Amenorrhea;
    • Loss of appetite;
    • Tonsillitis;
    • Dry and itchy scalp, dandruff, greasy or dull hair;
    • Rheumatism; and,
    • High blood sugar.

    This essential oil is also used for flavoring some condiments, as an effective carrier oil and as an ingredient in perfumes, fresheners and mouthwash. Bay laurel oil is known for its spicy, camphorous, sweet, floral and fruity scent which is used in aromatherapy to improve mental focus, boost confidence and maintain courage.

    Pro tips: Dilute bay laurel oil and apply on skin to treat candida.