• Bay Oil

    Bay Oil

    Bay essential oil is obtained from the bay tree, an evergreen tree that originated in the West Indies.

    Bay oil is widely used in perfumes, especially men’s fragrances. Bay oil has a lot of medicinal benefits such as:

    • Reducing fever;
    • Promoting discharge of bodily toxins by encouraging perspiration;
    • Providing relief from neuralgia (nerve pain, commonly in the face and neck);
    • Providing relief from hysteria, epilepsy, anxiety and stress;
    • Improving appetite;
    • Killing infection and bacterial growth;
    • Regulating menstruation; and,
    • Curing coughs and aches caused by spasms.

    Bay oil can also be used to treat:

    • Flu symptoms;
    • Viral infections;
    • Respiratory problems;
    • Dandruff;
    • Oily skin;
    • Sprains;
    • Rheumatism
    • Flatulence

    Bay oil contains anticancer properties like parthenolide which can help fight cervical cancer as well as euganol, catechins, quercetin and caffeic acid that help the body develop resistance against the formation of cancerous growth and tumors.

    Pro tips: If you’re hit by insomnia, mix 1-2 drops of bay oil to a glass of water to induce sleep.