• Benzoin Oil

    Benzoin Oil

    Being a pacifying agent, Benzoin and its essential oil is said to have been used for soothing depression and treat skin disorders.

    This essential oil, also known as gum benjamin, comes from benzoin tree native to Thailand, Java and Sumatra. Benzoin oil has a warm and sweet scent similar to that of vanilla. In the past, this essential oil has been mainly used as an ingredient for Friar’s balsam, a concoction that is used to treat respiratory problems. Aside from addressing respiratory related problems, benzoin oil is widely used nowadays to:

    • Treat rashes and measles;
    • Aid digestion;
    • Promote and facilitate urination;
    • Provide relief from arthritis and rheumatism;
    • Protect wounds from infection;
    • Remove excess gas from the stomach;
    • Reduce stress;
    • Treat coughs; and,
    • Promote blood circulation.

    Other health benefits of benzoin oil include:

    • Aiding digestion;
    • Boosting the pancreas;
    • Regulating blood sugar levels; and,
    • Reducing irritation, swelling and itchiness on skin.

    Pro tips: Mix 4 drops of benzoin oil to 10 ml almond oil, 2 drops lemon oil and 2 drops wheatgerm oil. Dilute the mixed oil with water. Apply on the skin to get rid of brown marks.