• Bitter Almond Oil

    Bitter Almond Oil

    Bitter almond oil is different than that of sweet almond because it contains amygdalin, which is also found in plum, apricot and peach pits.

    Since bitter almond oil is considered more toxic than sweet almond oil, it is only used internally in very small dosages, but mostly applied externally to the body. It is used for treating:

    • Itchiness;
    • Spasms, cramps, convulsions;
    • Cough;
    • Pain;
    • Intestinal worms;
    • Digestive problems;
    • Cancerous cells;
    • Muscle spasms;
    • Rabies;
    • Tetanus; and,
    • Bacterial and fungal infections.

    Bitter almond oil contains benzaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide and glycoside amygdalin which can be dangerous if consumed in medium to large doses, so it is highly advisable to use bitter almond oil internally under the care and guidance of your trained herbalist, doctor or medical professional.

    Pro tips: Diffuse bitter almond oil and dab on the corners and edges of your bed to keep those bedbugs away.