• Calamintha Oil

    Calamintha Oil

    Calamints are close cousins to the garden mint, but without the nasty spreading habit and are native to Europe and the Middle East

    This essential oil comes from the leaves, flowers and stems ofCalamintha Officinalis, a member of the mint or Labiataefamily, otherwise known as calamint which is native to Europe. Calamintha comes from the Greek word kala or kalos which means “good”. Roughly translated, it means “good mint” because it has been known to ward off serpents or snakes like the Basilisk.

    Calamintha oil is effective for treating:

    • Colds, chest congestion, fever, cough;

      Calamintha n. Marvelette Blue & White
      Calamintha n. Marvelette Blue & White
    • Depression;
    • Colic;
    • Insomnia;
    • Flatulence;
    • Hysteria;
    • Choleric pains;
    • Cramps;
    • Convulsions;
    • Shortness of breath;
    • Yellow jaundice;
    • Parasitic worms, gall and spleen disorders;
    • Leprosy;
    • Bowel problems; and, indigestion.

    It is also an effective diaphoretic, expectorant and aromatic substance.

    Pro tips: Mix a few drops of calamintha oil with salt and honey to help get rid of parasitic worms in the body.