• Calamus Oil

    Calamus Oil

    Acorus calamus is a plant used in traditional medicine. Due to its β-asarone content, it has been deemed unfit for human consumption.

    Calamus oil is an essential oil that is popularly used in Ayurvedic medicine to treat digestive problems. Calamus oil:

    • helps relieve rheumatic and arthritic pain;
    • Stimulates blood circulation;
    • Reduces panic attacks;
    • Epileptic fits and neurotic disorders;
    • Treats headaches and migraines;
    • Boosts the metabolism;
    • Stimulates secretion of hormones; and,
    • Prevents internal and external infections.

    This essential oil has a sweet and uplifting scent similar to that of cinnamon oil. Diffusing calamus oil into the air can help:

    • Increase mental focus and awareness;
    • Improve memory;
    • Reduce stress;
    • Ease dizziness;
    • Fatigue and tension; as well as,
    • Foster positive feelings and uplift dampened spirits.

    Respiratory problems like bronchitis, pneumonia, phlegm and congestion can also be treated with calamus oil.

    Pro tips: To ease the effects of nerve pain (neuralgia), add 2-3 drops of calamus oil to a base oil and massage it on the affected area.