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    Canadian Oil








    This essential oil is actually a unique blend of natural oils that is refreshing, satisfying and relaxing. Majestic Canada oil or Canadian oil is from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and is made up of the natural oils from balsam fir, eastern white cedar, ledum, goldenrod, hemlock spruce, Canadian fleabane and other minor oils. Canadian oil is effective in relieving:

    • Tired, tense and achy joints and muscles;
    • Stressed, irritated and inflamed skin;
    • Warts;
    • Fine lines, wrinkles;
    • Urinary tract infection;
    • Congestion;
    • Liver disorders; and,
    • Respiratory problems.

    It is particularly helpful in:

    • Disinfecting and cleaning surfaces;
    • Protecting the body against germs;
    • Boosting the circulatory system;
    • Regularizing blood pressure;
    • Supporting normal cell function;
    • Fighting skin aging;
    • Enhancing cardiovascular health; and,
    • Relieving pain and discomfort caused by arthritis and rheumatism.

    Pro tips: Diffuse or use Canadian oil in aromatherapy. You’ll not only get hooked on its fresh, crisp, woodsy and earthy aroma, but you’ll also feel rejuvenated and more energetic.