• Cassia Oil

    Cassia Oil

    Cassia is an aromatic bark, similar to cinnamon, but but darker, thicker and coarser. Cassia is preferred for strong, spicy, main dishes.

    Cassia essential oil comes from the bark of the same botanical family as cinnamon. It looks like cinnamon and has the same spicy and warm scent, but its aroma is just a bit sweeter than cinnamon. Cassia oil is known for protecting the kidney and other parts of the body from microbial infections. It is used for treating:

    • Nausea,
    • Vomiting, cassia (1)
    • Diarrhea,v
    • Joint pain

    It is also effective for:

    • Improving blood circulation;
    • Fighting depression;
    • Protecting the body from viral infections;
    • Strengthening hair and gums, and
    • Tightening the muscles.

    Cassia oil can be irritate skin, especially for those with sensitive skin, so when using it as massage oil for arthritis or rheumatism, dilute it first or add only a few drops to a much milder carrier oil.

    Pro tips: Add a drop of cassia oil to your bottle or glass of water to stop your sugar cravings and to get rid of your fungal problems.