• Clary Oil

    Clary Oil

    his handsome plant has striking blue flowers in a spike on the stem and pleasantly aromatic leaves when crushed.

    The name clary oil comes from the Latin word clarusmeaning “clear”. During Medieval times, clary oil has been referred to as “clear eyes” because it helps improve vision and deal with many eye problems. Other benefits of clary oil include:

    • Reducing blood pressure;clary sage
    • Inhibiting bacterial growth in the intestines, colon and urinary tract;
    • Providing relief from stress, tension and anxiety;
    • Treating septic and inflamed wounds, cuts and bruises;
    • Managing spasms and convulsions;
    • Toning skin and hair;
    • Strengthening gums and teeth;
    • Treating colds, bronchitis, and other respiratory ailments;
    • Supporting healthy digestion and regulating bowel movement.

    Clary oil also works as a:

    • Sedative,
    • Antiseptic,
    • Aphrodisiac,
    • Painkiller,
    • Skin and hair treatment,
    • Food additive, and
    • As an ingredient in most herbal products.

    When used in aromatherapy, clary oil helps boost memory, stimulate brain activity and induce meditation.

    Pro tips: Massage 2 drops of https clary oil on your temples and on your eyebrows to help get rid of eye fatigue.