• Jasmine Oil Uses and Benefits: 10 Ways to Stay Healthy

    Jasmine Essential Oil

    by Jaqueline Castellanos


    Essential oils are becoming more popular every day. People are turning down traditional medicine because they don’t want the toxic chemicals in their system in favor of all natural alternatives. Doctors and aromatherapists are complementing traditional medicine with essential oils because they help heal.

    Today I plan on explaining my knowledge of Jasmine oil. Although I have not personally used the essential oil, I have read about the uses and benefits and thought it would be fun to discuss.

    Jasmine Essential Oil

    What Is Jasmine Oil?

    Jasmine oil comes from the jasmine flower. It’s extracted to create this oil. The strong, sweet, romantic fragrance comes from a flower that blooms at night. The jasmine name comes from the Middle Eastern region to the Indian subcontinent. So many people consider jasmine oil as to be associated with romanticism because of the way it is used as an aphrodisiac, but it is also great for health. To learn how to make jasmine oil, watch this.


    What Are Jasmine Oil Uses and Benefits?

    • antidepressant
    • antiseptic
    • antispasmodic
    • aphrodisiac
    • cicatrisant
    • sedative
    • emmenagogue


    Jasmine Essential Oil As Antidepressant

    Act Now to Use Jasmine Oil as Antidepressant

    So many of us go through depression that might make us lose hope and become depressed. That has had happen to me. Jasmine oil can help you boost  your energy and uplift your mood to fight depression. When depressed you feel down, sad, lonely and out of life but the aroma of the jasmine oil pleases and uplifts. How does it do it? Well it stimulates the release of certain hormones that makes you happy and be able to enjoy life once again. Be cautious, though, depression involves a chemical imbalance, and you should consult a doctor before using jasmine oil to treat your depression.


    Jasmine Essential Oil As Antiseptic

    Jasmine Oil Use Is Antiseptic

    Jasmine oil fights infections. It basically acts like a disinfectant. It is known to reduce infections in the respiratory system like coughs or colds. How? Jasmine oil can be applied externally and internally. When applying internally, you don’t drink it, you inhale it and let the magic of the aroma work inside your body. Although I can’t explain how it works, I know that it does.



    Another Jasmine Oil Use Is As Aphrodisiac

    This was the main reason why jasmine oil exists. It is also why it is in the category of romanticism. But it is to enhance your sexual desire. It stimulates hormones and cravings.


    Jasmine Essential Oil Use to fight Acne

    Use Jasmine Oil to Heal Scars

    Because you can be scarred from anything, it’s important to know that jasmine oil can heal them. The most common scars are those that result from acne breakouts. People who pop the breakouts can end up with scars on their faces. Jasmine oil has been known to reduce the visibility of the scars.


    Jasmine Essential Oil Use for a good sleep

    Nod Off With Jasmine Oil Use

    Jasmine oil acts as sleep medicine. It is another alternative for those who have a cold or a cough that just won’t let them sleep right. Jasmine’s ingredients make a person drowsy, giving them the ability to sleep. The decongestant in the oil allows people to breath easier while sleeping with a cold.


    breast feeding

    Regulate Your Cycle with Jasmine Oil Uses

    Jasmine oil is used mostly for women who have irregular periods or have menopause. The oil regulates the cycle and not just that but helps ease the pain. relief of nausea, fatigues and even mood swings. How? Well it balances the hormones. This is mostly applicable to women who breastfeed. It is said to help increase milk production for breastfeeding. Jasmine oil also protects from breast tumors to grow that may cause breast cancer.


    If you want to purchase jasmine oil, make sure you buy a quality product. You can learn the best way to purchase jasmine oil with this video.



    Those are some of the interesting things I thought were amazing to learn from jasmine oil. Now you can blend this oil with Bergamot, Sandalwood, Rose, and/or Citrus oils. Hope the info can help out. You can read more at  http://freebiesarethebest.blogspot.com/?m=1.



    Health Benefits of Jasmine Essential Oil | Organic Facts


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