• Mason Jar Bug Repellent Handily Banishes Creepy-Crawlies

    I love summertime, but Im not so keen on all the critters and creepy-crawlies that show up along with the warm weather.

    While there are plenty of bugs that you want to have around, like these insects that help protect your garden, nobody wants to contend with more predatory bugs like mosquitoes and horseflies.

    Not only are bug bites itchy and uncomfortable, many of these bugs carry diseases and infections that we still dont fully understand.

    With that in mind, were all about finding all-natural, DIY tactics for keeping the bugs at bay. Screens and long sleeves help, but the ultimate boost for an evening party might be handful of homemade bug-repelling Mason jar candles!


    • Mason jars
    • Lemons
    • Limes
    • Water
    • Fresh rosemary
    • Floating tea light candles
    • Lavender oil
    • Cedarwood oil
    • Thyme oil
    • Lemon oil


    1. Slice lemons and limes, and place two slices into each Mason jar.
    2. Add 2 sprigs of rosemary to each jar.
    3. Fill each jar with water up to the narrow point.
    4. Add 10 drops of each essential oil to each jar, plus one more slice of either lemon or lime.
    5. Float tea light on top of water in each jar.
    6. Light and enjoy!

    Check out our simple, pretty tutorial in the video below, and dont forget to SHARE with crafty friends looking to banish bugs this summer!


    Read more: http://www.littlethings.com/mason-jar-bug-repellent/

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