• New Study Reveals Coconut Oil Is Far Than Your Toothpaste (Whitening Teeth)

    Want a way to whiten your teeth naturally and effectively? Turns out coconut oil is the ultimate solution as a new study reveals that it is better than regular toothpaste for teeth whitening.

    Heres how to whiten your teeth with coconut oil:

    -Prepare and clean a small jar with a tight lid. A baby food jar or small Mason jar will do.
    -Mix 1 part Coconut Oil with 1 part Baking Soda.
    -Add 3-5 drops of Sweet Orange, Peppermint, or other food-grade essential oils to flavor.
    -Allow your paste to cool and set

    Just like you would with toothpaste, put it on your brush and brush your teeth. In between brushes you can use coconut oil on its own as a mouthwash. But the paste mix will indeed whiten your teeth, clean your teeth, prevent tooth decay and gum disease. All of this without all the usual chemically laden ingredients found in the typical tube of toothpaste.

    Youve probably heard of coconut oil providing a number of health benefits. People have been adding it into their cooking as a healthy form of fat that has major health benefits including improved digestion and cholesterol reduction, not to mention added energy. Now its becoming revealed that the kitchen isnt the only place that coconut oil belongs as it should be a staple of your bathroom shelves as well. Its great for the skin, the hair, and now as we see, the teeth!

    All in all, coconut oil is a true healer as it has immune system boosting qualities as well as infection fighting qualities. For oral health you can swish the oil around your mouth daily. This is called oil pulling. It removes toxins from the mouth and the body, while improving tooth and gum health. Its a much better route than standard toothpaste as a way to keep your mouth hygiene in prime form.

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