• Savine Oil Used As Ointment for Skin Blisters

    Savine Essential Oil

    Savine has leaves like those of the common juniper, whose berries are used in cooking. It is a member of the Cupressaceae family and is related to the cedars, junipers and redwoods. It is an evergreen shrub.

    The young shoots have been used as an abortifacient, diuretic and emetic to provoke purging. It has also been used to promote a woman’s menstrual flow. However it is toxic and an irritant to tissues so is not recommended for use.

    It was usually used in the form of an ointment and mixed with verdigris the powdered leaves were used to get rid of warts. The ointment was used to promote discharge from blisters on the skin.

    Savine Essential Oil