• The Surprising Benefits Of Baths Will Make You Want To Draw One Tonight

    I think that almost anyone can agree, taking a long, hot bubble bath can make even the most stressful day melt away.

    Between the bubbles, the amazingscented soaps the deliciously hot water, and the soothing steam, its essentially like giving yourself a micro spa treatment.

    Everyone enjoys baths a little bit differently, some people load up on bubbles, others treat themselves to a book over a glass of wine.

    Even animals love a good relaxing bath, like Pancho the English bulldog.

    But it turns out that baths are so much more than just an indulgence we enjoy after work to soak off all of the stress.

    Baths actually serve many amazing purposes that improve our muscles, and our mind.

    So get cozy and hey, you can even start running the water right now if you feel so inclined because we have a list of bath benefits that will make you love them even more than you already do!


    Why Should We Take Baths?


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    There’s something about melting into a nice hot tub of water that is so unbelievably relaxing and everyone seems to think so!

    No matter where you go around the world, weather it is the Southwest or East Asia, everybody has bathing rituals, whether they are carefully drawn tubs of water or natural hot springs in the mountains.

    It’s a naturally soothing act, allowing you to simply soak and clear your mind.

    Bathing vs. Showering


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    Showering definitely feels good as well; it’s a great pick-me-up in the morning, or a calming chore at night.

    But there’s something about bathing that makes it just inherently more indulgent probably because you are basically in bed while bathing!

    But, as it turns out, there are some surprising benefits to soaking in a nice hot tub that you might not know about!

    Bath Benefit #1: Improves Your Mood


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    This one must be a no-brainer:Everyone feels better after they’ve soaked away their worries in the tub!

    Additionally, a 2002 university studyfound that participants whotook a long bath at the end of the day felt significantly more positive.

    So oursuspicions were right all along the combination of the relaxing steam, the yummy bubble bath scents, and the soothing bath salts were making us happier after all.

    Bath Benefit #2: Eases Muscle Pain


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    Pain ranging from everyday aches to athletic-level injuries can be solved with a soak.

    Taking a hot bath is a lot like putting a heating pad on your muscles; it slowly melts them away.

    Plus the weightlessness of being in water can give your injuries a break from being walked or sat on all day.

    Bath Benefit #3: Improves Sleep


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    Relaxing in the tub helps signal to your body that it’s time to unwind andlet go of the day.

    This is due to the heat that lowers your body temperature, which prompts it to produce melatonin.

    After a nice relaxing bath, you might find that you’ll fall asleep more quickly, and sleep well through the night.

    Bath Benefit #4: Eases Cold Symptoms


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    Steam has long been used for soothing your sinuses.

    The floating vapors push right through your nasal passages and opens them up, allowing you to breath better.

    So the next time you’re feeling stuffy, taking a hot bath can help relieve your symptoms, especially if you add a few essential oils.

    Bath Benefit #5: Detoxifies The Body


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    Between the steam and hot water, baths help boost our body’s natural detoxification process.

    Adding essential oils and Epsom salts can help introduce calming, immune-boosting, and toxin-banishing compounds into your body while you relax.

    Bath Benefit #6: Soothes Itchy, Dry Skin


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    Bathing in hot water certainly helps slough off itchy dry skin or eczema while making it nice and soft.

    Also gently exfoliating your entire body with oatmeal is a natural way to sooth it without any harsh additives.

    Bath Benefit #7: Quiets The Mind


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    Baths definitely promote “me time,” which means they’re a good excuse to indulge in calming activities,whether it be reading, listening to soothing tunes, or simply sitting in silence.

    And since you’re already lying tranquil, it’s also a great environment for practicing meditation.

    Sometimes it can be hard to clear your mind when you’re around anything that can be remotely distracting bathing removes all of that from the picture!

    Bath Benefit #8: Boosts Brainpower


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    Clearing your head, enjoying “me time,” and getting enough sleep all sharpen your mind.

    After astressful day, a bath can help youlook at problems with a sharper, more relaxed mind.

    Health Concerns To Keep In Mind


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    While baths are endlessly beneficial for your body and mind, it’s also important to stay safe and listen to your body.

    Though they happen in more extreme circumstances, it’s possible to get dizzy from the steam and the sudden temperature change.

    Additionally, if you have any back issues, be sure that getting in and out of the tub is easy and safe for you.

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