• Tips on How to Check the Proper Essential Oils

    The “pure” aromatic essential oils have no contamination or by products. Additives and chemicals are harmful to skin and reduce the effectiveness and purpose of the essential oil. You might find where the plant was grown or type of water used in the distilling process.

    You prefer to buy unadulterated essential oils. We prefer you buy unadulterated essential oils! These allow you and your family to feel good when using essential oils. It is more like buying organic foods rather than pesticide and hormone laden foods.

    Pure essential oil users are soulfully inspired to use holistic perfect and unchanged herbs, tea, and essential oils—direct from the source, Mother Nature.

    This is synergy—where parts of the plant—roots, stems, leaves, flowers, bark—work together to produce a greater result. With these natural components, we receive beneficial therapeutic results using 100% pure essential oils.


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