• Ways to Use Clove Bud Essential Oil

    Clove oil is a stimulating oil that is extremely a warming, it has many of the same functions in aromatherapy. With the help of other oils, clove oil assists in restoring ease and comfort to tired, fatigued or overworked bodies, applied topically in extremely low dilution.

    This essential oil can assist with common and passing troubles caused by a cold, wet winter. This stimulating oil can be used for increasing the appetite. Also when used in vapor therapy. Clove’s familiar aroma will help establish the ease and comfort of home and hearth when diffused.

    Any aromatherapist will use it cautiously because of clove oils extremely heating nature. Clove oil has long held a place in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where it is used in conditions of cold due to a deficiency of yang energy.

    As a spice, clove has been long traded for culinary curries and for flavoring warm beverages. Because one of clove oils main chemicals is eugenol, which was credited to produce analgesic effects, it has been used traditionally in oral care and dentistry. Today clove oil is used as a flavoring component of toothpastes and other medicines.

    Clove oil is a natural analgesic and antiseptic, used primarily in dentistry for its main ingredient eugenol.
    Clove oil is a natural analgesic and antiseptic, used primarily in dentistry for its main ingredient eugenol.

    Clove will warm the mind and body with the qualities of stimulating spice. This oil will help to open the breath and relieve heaviness and lung discomfort like other spices .

    Safety Guidelines for Clove Oil Before Use

    • Clove oil should never be applied directly to the skin as it is extremely dermo-caustic.
    • It can be applied in dilution or blends for massage, or used in a diffuser.
    • Clove can be used properly diluted in dental care routines, for improving digestion and to increase alertness. Clove has also been used as an insect repellant: simply add to a mister bottle and spray as needed.

    Safety Considerations for Clove Bud Essential Oil

    Clove oil is a strong skin sensitizer and a mucous membrane irritant. Use only in very low dilution (less than 0.5%) and do not apply directly to skin or near eyes or mucous membranes, even in dilution. Caution- clove oil is dermo-toxic. Some people are very sensitive to clove essential oil. Do not take clove essential oil internally.


    Clove can be used for acne, bruises, burns, cuts and as a pain reliever.

    Gargle with diluted clove to ease throat pain and irritations.

    Diffuse to help lift depression.Place a few drops on a cotton swab and touch tooth to alleviate gum or tooth pain.

    Add a drop to mouthwash to help with toothaches.

    Clove bud oil is a great anti-fungal.

    Clove has anti-viral anti-bacterial properties as well. It has been discovered to help prevent adult onset diabetes by tripling insulin levels.

    Learn More About Cloves clove-oil-for-liver-cleansing

    Clove was originally indigenous to the Spice Islands, now known as Moluccas Islands of Indonesia. The largest producer of clove now is Zanzibar along with Pemba, an island that’s part of the Zanzibar archipelago.The evergreen Eugenia arena tree puts most of its punch into the pink flower buds that grow on it. The buds are picked before they fully flower. When the pink buds dry and turn brown, they are ready for market.

    The dried buds contain an aromatic oily substance that is the essence of cloves medicinal and culinary properties. It’s wise to purchase cloves in their bud forms. Purchased powders may have lost most of their potency by the time you buy and use them. Dried buds hold up to three times as long.

    Whenever you want clove as a powder, you can grind the buds in a coffee grinder. When you shop for cloves, pinch the buds with your fingernails. You should get a strong aromatic scent and a slightly oily feel. Choose organic if possible to avoid irradiated clove spices.

    Clove’s oil is the key for spicing foods and promoting health. Cloves can be used to make teas by putting the buds or powder into hot (not boiling) water. But the biggest health bang for the buck comes from clove essential oil.

    Clove is one of the highest sources of manganese you’ll find. Manganese is vital for metabolism, contributes enzymes, promotes bone strength, and also adds to clove’s high ORAC antioxidant value.

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